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I’m the Founder and Master Teacher at Janet’s Planet: Music Lessons for Humanoids where we help people experience the fact that you don’t have to be from the “special talented planet” in order to learn how to play music.

I’m coming down to Nashville in a couple of weeks to teach two workshops and I’d like to give you some details.  It occurred to me that you may be thinking something like, “Sure I’d like to make friends with barre chords but what if I think Janet’s playing sucks?!?”

I’ve attached a video of me playing one of my newest songs, “Waves” so you can judge for yourself.

On Saturday, February 18th starting at 10 am I’m teaching “Making Friends With Barre Chords”.   I’ll teach a few simple exercises and easy to understand theory that will make it possible for you to play just about any chord you want.  How cool is that?!?

On Sunday, February 19th starting at 10 am I’m teaching, “I’m With The Band!”: Your Backstage Pass to Rockin Jam Sessions.  In the context of playing a couple songs chosen from participant requests, you’ll learn how to create guitar and vocal arrangements to jam with other players.  Afterward I’ll feed you a yummy lunch and you’ll be invited to perform one song at our open mike.  I’m about to offer this workshop here at home for the 3rd time and we’ve sold out each time.

Both workshops will be held at the Douglas Corner Café.

I’m an awesome teacher but not the best fit for everyone and I'd like to give you the opportunity to find out for yourself.

Register below for free video lessons on:

1. Making Friends with Barre Chords and

2. Capos and Keys or "How Do They Do That?!?"

Even though I’m an old hippie who likes peace, I promise I won’t make you hold hands and sing Kumbaya LOL

Questions? Email me at janet@janetsplanetmusiclessons.com and hope you'll be joining me,

Janet Feld Greene
Performing Songwriter - Master Teacher
Janet's Planet: Music Lessons for Humanoids, Inc.
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As promised, here's the video of my song, Waves